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Planning to Meet the Needs of a Growing, Changing Middle Tennessee

By: Helen Lane, Gilda’s Club Board Chair

Because of Gilda’s Club’s “Everyone Has a Cancer Story” awareness campaign in 2019, my personal cancer story is somewhat known. As a long-standing member of the Gilda’s Club community, and as a business leader, it was difficult to share about this challenging time in my life, but I did it – along with 20 other brave souls – because sharing is at the heart of what we do at Gilda’s Club. We create a safe space for anyone impacted by cancer to connect with others experiencing cancer…a place where adults, teens, kids, and families at any stage of their cancer journey can meet, share, and support each other. It’s beautiful and impactful, and if you haven’t recently looked at the breadth and depth of our services, you need to.”

In July, I became Chair of Gilda’s Club’s Board of Directors. As I thought back on my own cancer experience and on what I’ve witnessed as a Gilda’s volunteer over the past few years, saying “yes” was simple. I’m excited to help lead this vital non-profit as it continues to work to meet the growing, changing needs of Middle Tennessee’s diverse population; remains committed to offering a wide range of services, inspired by and for its members; and remains fiercely determined to ensure no one in our community has to face cancer alone.

This month, our Board and staff will work together to determine a strategic plan to take Gilda’s Club through 2023. While we know we will remain focused on three existing priority areas – Financial Sustainability, Program Accessibility, and Awareness Expansion – I look forward to building upon the hard work of my predecessor, Jim Corum, and building out initiatives that support these goals:

• To ensure fiscal health and responsible stewardship;
• To sustain and enhance the member experience; and
• To increase visibility of Gilda’s Club as the regional source for cancer support.

So, stay tuned. What an exciting time! We can only succeed with your continued support as donors and volunteers. Together, we make Gilda’s Club possible.