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Our Resource Specialists: Connecting People to the Support They Need

By: Meghan Lamb Close your eyes and think about the things that come to mind when you think of Gilda’s Club. Maybe you are imagining support groups, yoga classes, expressive art workshops, or maybe you are even picturing Gilda Radner herself. All of these are accurate, but did you know that we also provide resource…

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A Note from an AYA

By: Meghan Lamb “Just wait and see if it goes away.” I had gone to the doctor for a sinus infection, and in the process casually asked about a small lump I found in my breast. My doctor wasn’t concerned. I was too young. I was healthy (outside of that sinus infection), and even with…

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Hear from the Experts

With so much information readily available online, it can be difficult for individuals to know where to locate subject matter that is credible and relevant to their experience. With support from the Cancer Support Community, we used recent member survey results and ongoing member feedback to connect with these subject-matter experts which reflect the most…

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Expressive Arts: Building Community at Gilda’s Club

By: Meghan Lamb There is a word we use at Gilda’s Club that you have probably heard often. In the Clubhouse, on our socials and emails, and every printed material that we produce, that word is included. At Gildas, we like to use the word ‘community’ any chance we get.  Community is at the core…

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Exemplifying the Power of Human Kindness: Kids & Teens

By Liz Geller, LPC-MHSP – Program Manager Megan Ingram Forshey, LCSW – Program Manager As we reflect on our work in the last year and what we hope for the year to come, it is truly humbling and heartening that our days are overflowing with such beautiful moments of human connection.  Entering into a new year…

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Red Door Bash Update

A MESSAGE FROM OUR EVENT CO-CHAIRS AND PRESIDENT & CEO SEPTEMBER 2, 2021 Dear Gilda’s Club friends, We have some important news to share. Due to current increases in Covid-19, Delta Variant, and breakthrough Covid cases in Davidson and surrounding counties, the 2021 Red Door Bash on October 9 will be held as a live-produced…

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